Autumn Grind | 2014 : 23

Days are shorter, nights are longer. Everywhere athletes are starting to prepare for winter training, and I am no exception. Currently I am in Cunovo, a small suburb of the Slovakian capital Bratislava. Writing this from a sketchy hotel room, listening to aggressive rap music, with nothing but grey skies and a frosty wind outside, […]

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Second Places Suck|2014:18

It has been a busy last couple of days. In terms of training it was easy, rest until we leave for Leipzig. Luckily for me, it was a bit more. I hate rest. Saturday I participated in the InterUC tournament. Hosted at University College Utrecht, it is a competition between different Dutch University Colleges in […]

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That Weekend Roadtrip|2014:16

Temperatures are rising, and the sun is showing its face again. For me this is brilliant, my mood and life in general always improves when the weather is good. After a week of break it was getting back into that university grind. The end of the semester is nearing, and with it workload is increasing. Significantly. […]

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If something is…

If something is important to you, you don’t think in excuses, you think in opportunities.

I am currently in the the last phase of my training. It is hard, and 12-14 sessions per week take a lot out of you. Physically, but also mentally. It is not always easy to motivate yourself to go out there and get in the water and do the work. Oftentimes I sit in my room thinking stuff like ‘it’s actually kinda chilly outside’, ‘it is really windy, I cannot train properly like this’ or ‘the water is really low, I better stay in and so some schoolwork’.

The thing is, it can be hard to try to convince your mind to do the stuff you have to do. A trick I picked up somewhere is to not think. Just do. Your body is much more easily controllable then your mind, and it will not make up excuses. Your mind will follow later, when you are halfway through your training. Don’t let thoughts control your mind, just go out there and seize every bit of time that you have!

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That Spring Break|2014:15

A week of vacation always goes by faster than you think, especially if you train twice a day! Sessions are becoming shorter, but sprints are becoming harder and harder. Feeling close to puking is not an exception during the lactic sessions my coach Michael plans. I am feeling very confident about my physical shape though, […]

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That Wintercup #3|2014:12

Another week has passed since my training camp in Prague. I was unlucky enough to dive head first into midterm week upon return, with some essays due and exams to be passed. Fingers crossed, it went well. Training was on the down-low, as I was recovering from straining almost every tendon in my shoulders. Writing […]

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That Whitewater Training| 2014:11

So after travelling for about 12 hours yesterday, I am back in Middelburg. I was in Prague for the past week, for some whitewater training on the Troja whitewater course. Prague is one of the best courses internationally (the 2013 World Championships were hosted here) and it showed. A lot of international teams came and […]

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That Prague Vibe|2014:10

So last week was a good week. Training was pretty chill as we were tapering for our training camp in Prague, which is this week. School however was busy. Studying hard in preparation for being absent for a week. Also giving the first (graded) presentation and scoring an A- was pretty neat. Another highlight of […]

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That Pure Joy| 2014: 9

Although I am writing this in a train that is not moving (some person felt the need to express her displeasure with life and throw herself in front of it), this week has been a good one. Uni work has been okay, I have had fun paddling in Middelburg and even lifting some heavy weights […]

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A wise Man makes Rival into valued ally

A wise Man makes a Rival into a valued Ally

Since October, I have quite some time training with 2 rivals and friends: Marnix Teunissen and Dirk Hermans. Both of them had great seasons in 2013 and are the top of the country. I had been competing against them for 5 years. This winter we decided to train more often together under the name ‘Team NSB’. For motivation, and for fun. Daring each other to try new moves, go tighter and faster on combinations, that is how progress is made!

However, they are still rivals for the U23 and Senior national team in 2014. Hopefully the progress has made us just that little bit better than the rest!

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Success is the …

Success is the sum of all small efforts day in and day out.

I read a bit of text that described an interesting feature. In the short term, skipping one session in a week that contains 12-14 may not seem like a big deal. It is just one out of 14 sessions right?

Wrong. Imagine you skip those 60 minutes of training every week. In the end you will end up with a training deficit of 52 hours compared to those who did commit to that one session. 52 hours is a massive difference in competition preparation. Don’t skip training, that’s what I am trying to say.

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It is hard enjoy something you didn’t work for.

It is hard enjoying something you didn’t work for.

Take for example a weekend during vacation. Normally a weekend would be a nice break after a week of studying or working. In a vacation however you don’t have that, and you can’t enjoy the weekend as such. This is also the case with training. Everything becomes a lot more enjoyable when you know you have put in the work in a tough training session. Food is better, chilling is better. Even class is more pleasant to be in because you can still feel the hurt in your shoulders from training.

So train hard and enjoy the hurt afterwards!

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That New Beginning| 2014:5

As I write this the winterbreak has ended, and the classes have started again. In fact, I am sitting in a classroom at the moment. Time to do a short recap of the break and look forward upon of what is going to happen next. The break has been long, since 6 weeks can be […]

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That Moment of Misery|2014: 3

Even though the title may suggest something different, this is actually quite a cheerful post. It has been a great week of training, completing 12 sessions in a good fashion. This weekend I visited a friend in Leiden with some fellow kayakers to celebrate his birthday, which was great. Afterwards I went to Middelburg to […]

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That Visit Weekend|2014: 2

After New Years, spending some time with my family and eating a ridiculous amount of oliebollen, I did a couple of sessions on the flat and in the gym. It felt good, and although they were not too intense,  the progress from the last months is showing off. I have also made some slight adjustments […]

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That Long Overdue Blogupdate

So it has been a while… A while in which a lot has happened. Races were won, lost, new people were met, new places were visited. Because I cannot express all this in detail I will endeavour to make an interesting summary. The first race of the summer were the German Junior Championships hosted in […]

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And so summer begins…

It has been a while since the last update, and as ever, there is loads of stuff to talk about. My last update had a rather negative tone to it, this one will be more optimistic. I finished my second semester at Roosevelt Academy. As always, I had a lot of fun, and enjoyed my […]

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Kayaking is not a fancy, shiny sport. Athletes have to endure extreme colds during training in winter, sleeping in very unorthodox places (think schools, cellars), camping far outside of the camping-season, dying inside during trainings and races when the lactic is slowly devouring your arms and having their feet hurt every time they step into […]

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Eurolympiques Preview

Only 4 days left until I depart for Brittany. Destination: Eurolypmiques 2013. Three races over three different courses across the French province. The stages will be: Roches du Diables, Lochrist and Lannion. Competition level will be ridiculously high. Many Olympic medallists, World Champions and World Cup winners will be at the starting lines. In this […]

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2013, a fresh start!

After a relaxing break at home ending 2012, consisting of conditioning session on the flat water and some chores around the house, 2013 started off with some big events for the next season. Prague We left off for Prague 11:00 AM the first of January, much to the dismay of some. I personally did not […]

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Holland Cup season wrap up

Writing this on the train on the way back to Middelburg, this weekend marked the end of a long Holland Cup season. The Holland Cup series are mainly raced on flat or slightly wild water, and therefore many people regard them as not ‘important’. However lots of people still take proud in winning in these […]

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Summer wrap-up!

It’s been too long since I have posted. I would make a lot of excuses, about being busy, but I just didn’t do it, or postponed it untill another big event happened. So hereby the summary of my summer.   After work my days were mostly filled with training and relaxing, nothing special. I was […]

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Holland Cup 3: “Killing”

Another weekend of racing finished. After rounding of my exams on Wednesday my focus shifted to the Holland Cup race in St-Oedenrode. A busy weekend was coming up. I decided to race downriver on Saturday. This was the first ‘classic’ downriver race I’ve competed in. Despite my lack of experience, things went quite well. The […]

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Exam week 2 update

Exam week 2 is officially over since last Friday. I wrote six exams, which all (fingers crossed) went quite well. I had one incredibly heavy day with math and Greek on the same day, yet I managed to do well. Although I have exams, training has been going well. Weather’s been great, so the circumstances […]

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Exam week 1 update

So last Monday exams started. I kicked the week off with Dutch, just like every Dutch VWO student. Dutch went pretty well, although the text chosen by  CITO wasn’t suited for an exam, as stated by the author. I got lucky because she also found an error in the correction form, which made my at first false […]

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Thoughts and Whereabouts

Last 2 weeks have been quite difficult to me. Starting my VWO exams tomorrow, my focus was to be mainly on studying, so that I could write my exams well prepared with maximum results, yet this was not meant to be. Thoughts I went to Hohen Limburg last sunday, for some training at the ‘Wildwasserpark’ there […]

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Coupe du Belgique 1

Last sunday, the 29th of april, a race was held in Sauheid, near Liège. I had been at Sauheid once before. The track consists of a piece of flatwater, one major drop and then a couple of small waves. The course they set this year was really difficult. Because the drop, while it runs next […]

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Hello world!

Hello world! From now on, I will inform you of my whereabouts and activities via this blog. You can read about me in the “About me” menu. Enjoy my site! Jacob

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